Bundle of 72 Tunnocks wafer bars - 48 x MILK Choc Caramel Wafers + 24 x Dark Choc Caramel Wafers- FREE SHIPPING

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80.00 Ounces
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Bundle of 72 Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Bars
48 Bars of Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafers + 24 Bars of Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafers
Tunnocks Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafer :
Caramel Wafer is five layers of wafer that is alternated with four layers of caramel and coated in Dark milk chocolate.
Tunnocks Caramel Wafer 4 Packs 
5 layers of wafer, 4 layers of caramel, fully coated in real milk chocolate 30g.
 Light and crispy wafer cookies filled with layers of caramel and completely enveloped in rich milk & dark chocolate.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Product of  Scotland
Est 1890
Ideal for -  Tea & Coffee, Lunch boxes or just as a snack.

If purchased in summer months the chocolate may "Bloom" even with shipping with ice packs.

This is where products with high cocoa butter separate from the cocoa solid,giving a white glaze look.

The chocolate wafer is still fine to eat.

Buyer please beware if purchased during May - Sept - USA