Harry Potter Knight Bus Soft Toy Plush Cushion

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Harry Potter Knight Bus Soft Toy  Plush Cushion

Lost far from home or need to escape an approaching moment of great peril? Thankfully, the Knight bus is available for Wizards in need. Coming to Harry Potter’s rescue before he began his third year at Hogwarts, the distinctive triple decker bus is magically enchanted to speed through the streets, squeeze through any gap, and brake in an instant, enabling it to reach any destination (except those underwater). while Harry is a passenger, the three levels of the bus are furnished with beds for an overnight stay on long trips, as well as a chandelier to bring a touch of class to the interior. The Knight Bus Plush Toy is ideal for all Harry Potter fans. Crafted from premium fabrics and featuring superb detailing, this is a truly exquisite replica of the iconic bus for use as a toy or cushion for your sofa.