Walkers Shortbread Jubilee Collector's Tin 10.6oz + 12 Partridges Chelsea Flower Royal Warrant Teabags + 28 Assorted British Scones + 12 British Crumpets + Clotted Cream 6oz - FREE SHIPPING ( Party Bundle of 54)

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Walkers Shortbread  Platinum Jubilee Collectors Tin 10.6oz

Celebration Bundle of 54


Acceding to the throne on 6th February 1952, her Majesty The Queen is the longest reigning monarch in British History.

 To mark this historic occasion the Britishfoodclub Bundle includes:

1 Walker's Shortbread Limited-Edition Platinum Jubilee Shortbread Tin 10.6oz.

12 Envelopes of Partridges Of Sloane Square's Chelsea Flower Teabags.

Infused with Mango and Apple this tea was created for those "special" occasion moments.

28 Assorted H&P British Scones -

4 All Butter Chocolate & Choc Chip Scones / 8 Cherry & Sultana Scones / 8 Devon Scones &

8 Sultana Scones.

+ 12 British Crumpets (Vegan).

+ 1 Clotted Cream 6oz.