Walkers 6pk Luxury Mince Pies 370g x 2 + 1 x Walkers Spiced Orange & Cranberry 4pk Mince Pies 200g ( 16 mince pies) Bundle of 3

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Bundle of 3 - Walkers 6 Luxury Mince Pies 370g Ex March 2023 x 2 and Walkers Spiced Orange & Cranberry Fruit Mince Pies 200g Ex April 2023 x 1

Walkers comes these luxurious spiced orange and cranberry mince pies, baked to perfection in the Walkers Highland bakery. Each pie is made with perfect crumbly butter pastry packed full of plump, juicy vine fruits, tangy peel and spices.

The authentic taste of these mince pies bear witness to this grand tradition. Walkers Miniature Mince Pies are a luxury Christmas delicacy.